About Kinova

How do you disrupt the crown jewel of every grocery store?

Keep. Things. Simple.  Who knew that would be such an innovation?

Your collaborators with a “hunting license.”  We help identify and source produce globally on behalf of select retailers and distributors throughout North America.  (and we have fun doing it)

Our comprehensive relationships across the best-in-class grower, shipper and exporting community meet all international standards for quality, service and excellence.

We do all this with one (simple) goal in mind.  To delight and satisfy the specific tastes and needs of your loyal customers, guests & patrons.

Our Programs


We’ll get it to your DC.  But KINOVA FRESH® also specializes in value-added fully-customized programs.  With unique seasonal as well as year-round offerings we dive in to collaborate and tailor to what you, our partners, have learned from their loyal produce patrons.

Range & Variety

Blueberries? We got ’em. Citrus?  Yes Sir.

What about Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Peppers? Thought you’d never ask.

Chances are that we’ve got a “Kinova-Friend” who grows and ships exactly what your looking for.

Just a sampling of what we’ve put together for our partners:

Tomatoes:  Super Sweet® Grape (red, yellow & orange), Super Sweet® Cherry (red, yellow, pink & brown), TOV (full & mid size), Cocktail, Beefsteak, Santori® Medley, Bella Coppia® Perfect Blend, Roma, Mini San Marzano, Heirloom, others

Cucumbers:  Long English, Mini Cucumbers, Cocktail Cucumbers, others

Peppers (red, orange & yellow):  Bell Pepper, Baby Sweet® Mini Bell, Baby Sweet® Mini Pointies, Palermo (red & orange), others

Packaging Options & Certifications

Packaging:  Clamshells, Bags, Flow Pack, Trays, RPC’s, Top Seal, Shrink Packs, Custom, etc.


Contact Us

It might sound strange but we simply can’t stop talking about fruit and vegetables. If this sounds familiar then we’ll get along famously… so get in touch!

Complete Product Range, Availability and Pricing available upon request.