Range & Variety

Blueberries? We got ’em. Citrus?  Yes Sir.

What about Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Peppers? Thought you’d never ask.

Chances are that we’ve got a “Kinova-Friend” who grows and ships exactly what your looking for.

Just a sampling of what we’ve put together for our partners:

Tomatoes:  Super Sweet® Grape (red, yellow & orange), Super Sweet® Cherry (red, yellow, pink & brown), TOV (full & mid size), Cocktail, Beefsteak, Santori® Medley, Bella Coppia® Perfect Blend, Roma, Mini San Marzano, Heirloom, others

Cucumbers:  Long English, Mini Cucumbers, Cocktail Cucumbers, others

Peppers (red, orange & yellow):  Bell Pepper, Baby Sweet® Mini Bell, Baby Sweet® Mini Pointies, Palermo (red & orange), others